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Ways to Upcycle Your Dish Powder Shaker and Packaging

At Element Essentials, we’re all about sustainability and creativity. Our shaker and paper tube are recyclable, so instead of tossing them in the trash, pop them in the recycling bin. But wait—before you do that, check out these fun and easy upcycling ideas to give these items a second life!

Upcycling Ideas for Your Dish Powder Shaker

  • Desk Organization
    Pen Holder: Keep your desk neat and stylish by using the shaker as a pen holder.
    Clip Organizer: Store small office supplies like paper clips and push pins.
  • Kitchen Storage
    Spice Container: Refill the shaker with your favorite spices and add a chic touch to your spice rack.
    Utensil Holder: Perfect for holding small kitchen tools like peelers and measuring spoons.
  • Craft Supply Organization
    Brush and Pencil Holder: Keep your art supplies organized and within reach.
    Bead and Button Storage: Securely store small craft items.
  • Home or Office Decor
    Vase: Turn the shaker into a mini vase for small flower arrangements.
    Candle Holder: Use it as a base for pillar candles to add elegance to any room.
  • Use Magnetic Properties
    Customizable Labels: Take advantage of the shaker’s magnetic properties by creating magnetic labels to easily switch contents or display fun messages.

Upcycling Ideas for the Paper Tube

  • Functional Storage
    Hair Accessories Holder: Use the tube to store hair accessories like hair ties, clips, and pins.
    Cord Holder: Use the tube to neatly store and separate charging cables and headphones.
    Piggy Bank: Convert the paper tube into a piggy bank or spare change holder by cutting a slit on the lid for coins.
  • Kids’ Toys and Crafts
    Musical Instrument: Turn the tube into a fun shaker or drum for kids.
    Paper Tube Dolls: Create cute characters by decorating the tube with paper and markers.
  • Garden Helpers
    Seed Starters: Cut the tube into smaller sections, fill with soil, and start your seedlings.
    Plant Protector: Use the tube to shield young plants from pests.
  • Creative Gift Packaging Ideas
    Gift Box: Transform the paper tube into a unique gift box by decorating it and using it to package small presents.

By upcycling, you’re not only reducing waste but also adding a touch of creativity and organization to your home. We hope these ideas inspire you to find new uses for our containers and join us in our mission to make eco-friendly choices every day. Don’t forget to tag us on social media @cleanwithelement to show off the creative ways you’ve upcycled our packaging!

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